Exploring the island

Some landscapes can only be truly appreciated from the sea,  others via narrow pathways or steep trails, each offering  a unique view just waiting to be discovered

The narrow road, running along the creeks, winds like a thin black slightly tangled lace through this strangely sculpted natural marvel.

You see far off an enormous silhouette fill the sky. Wings outstretched, the Altagna rises and lets itself be carried by the wind along the sheer cliffs overlooking the sea.

In order to admire this spectacle, Freddy suggests you to park up the four-wheel drive and to walk up the cliff using the old mule driver track. The view is breathtaking.

A few minutes walk will lead you through small stone path to the perfect “perch” awaiting you. From there, posted like sentries, you watch with wonder the majestic ballet of these enormous birds of prey, whose impressive wings leave you speechless.

In Corsica, the natural environment is so rich that you just have to open your eyes for the magic to start working…again and again.

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