Isolella Peninsula

The isolella peninsula is no ordinary picture postcard destination, or a flawless ideal of perfection and beauty. Its charm is more subtle, wilder, and more natural.

Located on the southern shores of the Gulf of Ajaccio, the peninsula is best enjoyed at a slow pace.

True to its origins, it does not surrender its charms to the first stranger who comes along. You need to grow accustomed to its ways, to stay a while and discover its sheer pathways, its 17th century Genoese tower, stroll along its fine sandy beaches and climb its rocks…otherwise it will guard its secrets jealously to itself.

A veritable haven of peace and discreet charm, it’s easy to understand its attraction as the days lengthen into summer. Although the neighbouring hotels, restaurants, businesses and shops are filled with holidaymakers, the peninsula regards this hustle and bustle with a detached air, enjoying the peace and quiet, gently caressed by the waves.

We have chosen this highly-prized destination to welcome you and to ensure you enjoy a truly unforgettable stay.

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