Rich and varied landscape

Lush green valleys, streams, lakes and natural swimming pools, wild creeks, steep mountains, dense and impenetrable maquis…

An invitation to discover a new world awaits you.

Corsica is stunningly beautiful. Conducive to meditation, it revives both the senses and the mind, winning over your heart with a love that never fades.

By strolling across the island, you’ll enjoy countless opportunities to discover its glorious natural sites, lush green landscape, extensive fauna, and exceptional architectural history.

But it will also allow you to enter into communion with its people, its traditions, language, music and fine food… because despite what some may believe, the Corsicans welcome guests with a kindness and generosity beyond compare.

From this alchemy is born a rare encounter with a breathtakingly well-preserved island, deeply authentic and profoundly attached to its heritage.