Yacht Tenareze VI

Enjoy the use of our swift, silent 20-metre yacht and discover a paradise that goes by the name  of « the kalliste », the most beautiful.

The distant setting sun seems to slip slowly into the sea as your attention turns to the shoreline, drawn by the many aromas of the maquis. A breath of air cools the nape of your neck and you lie back to soak up the last rays of the sun, following with your gaze the wash of the boat as it speeds towards the coast.

Freddy is getting ready to down anchor in one of those divine creeks of which only he knows the secret. The jet skis and dinghy have been placed in the water, and you don’t wait long before diving into the gorgeous, clear water that glistens in a myriad of blues.

No sooner have you taken a refreshing swim than the fish and seafood arrive on a superbly laid table. Without even knowing it, your hands start to tap out the rhythm of a guitar that floats in from the bridge. Your friends, normally so reserved, sing along to the chorus of a well-loved tune…

… it’s been so long since you felt so good. Let yourself go – this is a land where time stood still.

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